Venkatesh Narayanasamy

Founder, Innovative Services.

Mr. Venkatesh Narayanasamy is a self-made entrepreneur who was born in Coimbatore but is now based out of Chennai and runs several successful businesses and organisations.

The first business is Sysmantech Computers, started way back in 1997, in his hometown Coimbatore.After graduating from PSG College, he worked for a few years in a leading computer company and decided to strike out on his own and built Sysmantech into a leading computer hardware reseller that is today known widely in Chennai, Coimbatore and Pondy.

The second is a company that has changed the life of over 500,000 people – Innovative Services.

Innovative has prepared students from over 100 colleges to be more industry ready for the last 12 years. Innovative’s training programs in Schools, Colleges and Universities enable students to develop the right habits and values to increase their personal effectiveness. They also train Lecturers and Professors in communication and self-management strategies.

Innovative also has a corporate division that works with corporates and organisations across South India to train their employees to be more productive and effective at work. Programs include Leadership, Team Building, Innovative Thinking and Personality Development.

The third one is a fitness studio, Maverick in Coimbatore, his hometown, where thousands of people have benefitted with better health and fitness.

Each of these businesses are managed by professionals who have been handpicked and trained by Mr. Venkatesh to independently run these businesses leaving him with time to pursue his other interests including public speaking.

His repertoire includes public workshops, “Nurture the dream to be rich and successful in life” and topics such as Leadership Skills, Team Building, Effective Time Management, Smart Marketing Strategies, Tricks to Boost Sales, Negotiation Skills and “Acquiring Skills for business mastery”

His social commitments are many, and one of the more noted ones is as the Director – PR for a social organization “Save Our Daughters of India” These gems of daughters forgiven by God, forgotten by fellow Indians are in our midst. Fatherless and Motherless they are assisted to integrate with Life through “Save our daughters of today”.

Since 1999 he is a Rotarian and has held many leadership positions. His friends network is his biggest strength and source, which he uses judiciously to help millions of people. With an excellent understanding of the growing trends in the country, he has the ability to anticipate people’s needs.

He has shared the stage with business leaders, the best trainers from around the world, stars from the music, film and art world, and the who’s who from different walks of life and countries.

His most endearing qualities and qualifications are:

  • Acute Leadership and Managerial experience and skills
  • Ability to perform in a fast-paced environment
  • Performance ethics and passion
  • Capability to efficiently oversee and inspire staff to great performance levels, and finally
  • The Ability to give customer delight